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registry editor, registry repair, and system file utility.


The Professional Edition imports, edits, analyzes, and restores from a central network location.

How does Registry Tool work?
Registry Tool imports the Windows registry from registry Dat/Hive binary files, Reg files, and directly from Windows creating a SAFE, stand-alone, Registry Tool Database file independent of Windows.

Registry Tool import sources Registry Tool editing targets

The editing commands, (add, modify, delete, Search and Delete, Search and Replace, Restore/Mass editing, and Send To), always target the Registry Tool Database. This feature enables you to edit registry backups and create custom or template Registry Tool Databases containing specific keys and values. It is an OPTION to have Registry Tool edit the active Windows registry. The Professional edition will target a remote machine. You may also elect to load ANY Dat/Hive Binary file, even from another machine/partition, and OPTIONALLY select the binary file as an editing target. You may edit the Dat/Hive binary file using one of the editing commands, or send keys and values from the Registry Tool Database into the Dat/Hive binary file. This feature enables you to fully edit any Dat/Hive binary file -- even create a new Dat/Hive binary file to replace a corrupt one..

Registry Tool analysis and search commands operate on the Registry Tool Database leaving Windows protected and secure. Registry Tool is a total system providing the tools to maintain the Windows registry. The Registry Manual combined with the Tips and Notes feature provide critical Windows registry structure knowledge -- how it works, why it works, and the function of critical keys and values.

General Program Features

CROSS-PLATFORM Compatibility - Edit, analyze, and restore to ALL Windows versions regardless of the Windows version used to create the Registry Tool Database or the version of Windows Registry Tool is installed in.
Robust, Non-Invasive, and Safe - Registry Tool's search and analysis features operate off-line of the registry. Registry Tool never edits the Windows registry without your permission.

Security Support - Registry Tool offers complete NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7/2012/8 security restores and editing. View, modify and restore Owner, Security Audit (SACL), and Discretionary Access (DACL) settings.

Educational - The Registry Manual, Tips and Notes, and Registry Functions PageFrame teach you how the registry works and empower you with the knowledge to understand, customize, and repair the registry.

Import Types

Import Dat/Hive Binary files & Reg files - Imports full or partial reg files, even from other computers and Windows versions. Imports Dat/Hive Binary files, the files Windows stores the Registry in on your hard drive, enabling editing and saving in Dat/Hive binary file format.

Registry Import - Imports the Windows registry directly. The Professional Edition imports via network.

Export Types

Export to Reg files - Export a single key, a range of keys, a key branch, or all keys to a new reg file or append to an existing reg file. Create templates with custom exports.

Registry Repair, Registry Cleaner and File Analysis Tools

Registry Manual The Registry Manual includes a discussion of each section of the registry. Learn how the Windows registry works and have the information you need at your fingertips. Never again be intimidated by the unknown registry! More...

Key Tips and Value Notes Key Tips and Value Notes are GLOBAL, identical in any Registry Tool Database file regardless of the imported registry. Critical Tips and Notes are Dynamic. Tips and Notes are user customizable, include whatever you wish, ideal default settings, network settings, hardware settings, your favorite registry tricks, registry hacks, registry tips, control panel tricks, anything. The function of all keys and values involved in automatic analysis is explained by Tips and Notes! More...

Registry Functions PageFrame An exclusive integrated environment that puts you firmly in control - track, edit, search, verify file and path information, version OLE components, and duplicate Windows registry search patterns on AppID, FileType, MIME, CLSID, Interface, and TypeLib keys and values. Registry Tool's The Registry Manual and Help system give examples of how to find the information you need, and get the results you want. More...

Automatic Analysis and Registry Repair Tools Registry Tool will automatically analyze File Association, AppID/ProgID, CLSID, Interface, Type Library, OLE/COM, ActiveX, and MIME registry data OFFLINE of Windows. Integration with the advanced Registry Functions PageFrame is seamless, showing by registry section both where and what the problem is. Clean excess keys and values, verify OLE/COM driver presence on your hard drive, or conduct registry repair. The Tips and Notes feature displays identification information telling you what each component does along the analysis path. More on Registry Repair...

Registry Editor and Editing Commands

Registry Editor Add/Rename/Delete - Registry Tool is a complete Windows 95 98 Me NT 4.0 2000 XP 2003 Vista 2008 7 2012 8 registry editor and utility, including the insertion of special non-printable ASCII codes. More on Registry Editor...

Send To Command The Send To Command allows you to send keys and values from the Registry Tool Database into the active Windows Registry and any loaded Dat/Hive Binary file. Send by key branch (a key and its subkeys), or send a single key.

Restore Command The Restore Command can be used as a mass editing command or to "restore" all of the Registry Tool Database file to the active Windows Registry. Restore all of the registry, by registry key function (registry section). A special Post - Restore Comparison feature gives you the flexibility to delete or keep keys and values in the registry that are NOT in the Registry Tool Database. The Registry Tool Database does NOT have to be from the same version of Windows. The Professional Edition restores via network and will Restore to a loaded Dat/Hive Binary file. More...

Search and Replace Search for text and replace it with new text. The Professional Edition will target a network computer.

Search and Delete Search for text and delete the matches. The Professional Edition will target a network computer.

Registry UpDate On/Off Function Enables or disables Windows registry and Dat/Hive Binary file editing, allowing unparalleled flexibility to create custom templates or use the search, cleaning, and analysis capabilities of Registry Tool OFFLINE without fear of damaging Windows. More...

RollBack (Undo) RollBack (Undo) allows you to undo any edits, including Search and Replace and Search and Delete, in both the Registry Tool Database and optionally the Windows registry. Try new settings, and effortlessly change them back!  More...

Comparison Features

Comparison The Comparison feature compares any two Registry Tool Databases, even if they are from different versions of Windows. Find out exactly what happened to your registry after that last install! Export all or part of the comparison results to a reg file. More...

Keyword Searches

Keyword Searches Searches of the Registry Tool Database include all keys, values, and Tips. Registry Tool compiles ALL matches in seconds and displays them in a browse window. You can even print and export the matches!

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