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Windows Registry Functions PageFrame - Offline Registry repair and verification capability.

The Registry Functions PageFrame is an exclusive integrated environment that safely duplicates Windows registry functions OFFLINE of Windows. The Registry Tool Database does NOT have to be from the same version of Windows Registry Tool is installed in. The Registry Tool Database can be researched and tested EXACTLY as if it were a live Windows registry loaded and running!

End futile Registry surfing - The Registry Functions PageFrame contains the most commonly needed Registry information, performs the tasks you need performed, and duplicates how the imported registry functions in Windows.

Registry Functions PageFrame - Collapsed View

Effortlessly accomplish these tasks

Safely determine how any imported Registry functions OFF-LINE of Windows, without surfing registry keys by hand, exactly as if the Registry Tool Database was a live registry running in Windows. Repair registry functionality.

Verify file association integrity automatically and repair and clean erroneous information.

Locate, verify, repair and edit OLE/COM component registry filenames and paths.

Locate, verify, repair, and edit any registry path and filename information.

Track and search for GUID numbers effortlessly without memorizing or searching by hand!

View, repair, and edit default display icon information.

Perform registry linkages between registry sections effortlessly - exactly like Windows and the COM API for OLE/COM, file association, and context menus. Repair incorrect information using the editing features and the information contained in the tutorials and Registry Manual.

Version any OLE/COM component by checking for a newer version of the installed component and repair registry information.

No surfing - Find registry information by registry section instead of manually surfing the registry.

Find Command - Locate information in any column of any grid. Find the information you want and have the power to deal with it at your fingertips!

GoTo Key - Effortlessly travel to the key and value responsible for Registry Functions PageFrame item!

Search Database command - Search the Registry Tool Database for any Registry Functions PageFrame item with a mouse click! Don't underestimate this capability, sometimes with OLE/COM ProgID, CLSID, Interface and TypeLib items it isn't immediately apparent what they are and what they do. The ability to automatically search the entire database for a selected item can provide answers to most questions.

View descriptive Tips and Notes instantly for the Registry key and value responsible for any Registry Functions PageFrame item. Don't be satisfied with knowing "what" when you can learn how and why!

Windows doesn't look in one place for information, it finds "links" to other sections of the Registry and jumps to a different key. For you to determine how a Registry functions inside of Windows or to repair incorrect information, you have to make the linkages exactly like Windows. The Registry Functions PageFrame performs this task for you, tracking file association, context menu, and OLE/COM linkages backwards and forwards , giving you the capability to verify components and information. The various pages, grids, and columns in the Registry Functions PageFrame represent critical Registry sections and subkeys. That's how the PageFrame is compiled and why you don't have to search through Registry keys by hand.

Note: - The Registry Manual forms an invaluable component in the Registry Tool system by detailing the registry search patterns Windows uses and explaining the purpose of critical keys and values.

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