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The Demo does not support the following Registry Tool Features:

(1) Validate File, which validates a filename and path, is inoperative.

(2) Registry Tool User Login and other internal security features are not supported.

(3) Tips and Notes do not recognize multiple logged in users for the user sections of the registry, (HKEY_USERS and its subkeys), thus creating new Tips and Notes for each user stored in the registry. The registered version disregards the currently logged in user and displays the Tips and Notes globally.

(4) The Demo is not networkable for Windows registry imports, restores, or edits.

(5) The Demo does not have a manual explaining the Windows registry sections, although it has a fully functional help file for the program itself.

(6) The Demo does not support the Search and Delete Command.

(7) The Demo expires after a set period of time, approximately 10 days.

(8) The Demo only imports directly from the Windows Registry 2 times.

(9) The Demo only restores to the Windows Registry 1 time.

(10) The dynamic Tips and Notes feature which displays default key and value Tips and Notes is only partially functional. For example, the hardware section isn't operational.

(11) The Demo only views NT 2000 XP 2003 security information, (Owner, SACL, DACL), it will not modify or restore security information.

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